Behind the Art of Smile Design

Our approach to design and applying the principles of Esthetic Dentistry is what sets us apart. We pride ourselves in paying attention to detail when designing our smiles.

What is Esthetic Dentistry?

Esthetic dentistry combines both an artistic component along with a comprehensive approach. Facial esthetic design is about more than just teeth—it’s about all the elements of the face and how they work together to achieve the most beautiful and natural smile.

Every patient has individual facial features; therefore it is the utmost importance to analyze the face and its entire symmetry before creating smiles. Several elements, including face shape, age, skin tone, lip fullness and shape, lip mobility, tooth display, tooth color, tooth size, are the basic essence of true smile design.

Your smile is not simply a manufactured formula. You can’t expect or desire shiny, white and beautiful teeth without looking at the entire face. We pride ourselves on being perfectionists. We understand and appreciate harmony, balance, anatomy and symmetry. This detail approach helps us immensely in creating smiles that are more lifelike and complements your natural beauty.

Designer Principles

Let’s face it teeth are so much more than what we use to chew. They are the first thing that people recognize when you meet someone. Teeth define our character and personality. The smile involves the face as well as the lips and teeth, and all these elements must be harmonized in order to achieve aesthetically pleasing results.

Facial Aesthetics

Your smile and your facial features are interrelated. It is impossible to design a truly outstanding smile without considering how it will look within the overall framework of your face. Your lips are one of the most important considerations. Their movements as you speak, smile, and laugh can completely alter your appearance. If needed, Dr. Reyhani or Dr. Hakimzadeh will design a treatment that will enhance your lips, as well as your teeth. For example, if you have thin lips, they could design porcelain veneers that will push your lips slightly forward, giving them a fuller appearance.

Facial balance and structure also play an important role in anti-aging dentistry. As you get older, you will start to lose volume in your face. Through a carefully designed smile makeover, your dentist can enhance your facial proportions at the same time that he remodels your smile.


Dental Aesthetics

Although your dentist will carefully examine your facial features, your teeth are still an essential component of your smile. Here, too, our dentists take a comprehensive approach to smile design. At Smile Makers LA, they will address tooth shape, spacing, and color.

Our dentists will also consider how your smile looks when viewed from the side. If your teeth have a slight inward slant, it can affect the color of your smile, as well as the reflection of light. Veneers, or clear aligners can correct this problem and give you a younger-looking smile.

Gingival Aesthetics

Finally, your gums play a significant role in the appearance of your smile. Too much gum tissue can obscure your teeth, making your smile look smaller and older. Additionally, if you have an uneven gum line, the tissues can give your teeth a crooked or unhealthy appearance. Our dentists can remove unwanted tissues using state-of-the-art lasers. The treatment involves minimal discomfort, and it can have a dramatic impact on your smile. Additionally, Drs. Reyhani and Hakimzadeh can address periodontal disease and gum erosion. These conditions can significantly affect your oral health and function, as well as the appearance of your smile. By addressing the soft tissues surrounding your teeth, they can more effectively transform your smile to give you the stunning results you deserve.