FAQ for Cosmetic Treatments

Smile Makers LA has always stood for excellence, providing quality, creating natural smiles and inviting people to take part in our dream. We stand for accurate diagnosis, unparalleled expertise, and innovative treatment style. We pride ourselves on paying special attention to all of your needs. We love what we do, and it shows in each and every smile we create.

Smile Makers LA is spreading dazzling smiles around California. We provide a comprehensive range of services including dental implants, veneers, teeth cleaning and whitening, as well as specializing in cosmetic dentistry procedures like anti-aging dentistry and smile makeovers.

What would you like potential patients to know about you and your practice?

We offer patients a different experience. We try to change what people think of a dentist and dental appointments and recreate it with what we think it should be fun and pleasant. It’s how our team treat and serve our patients, our energy and attitude. We are proud of our office and you could see that when you come in.

When a potential patient first comes to your office what is the process?

We involve our patients by taking our time to hear them, we listen to their needs and goals. The process, to a great extent, is a personal process where personal chemistry and relationships matter. We take our patients feedback to heart and our goal is to collaborate with our patients in building and maintain their new smile. Our initial consultation consists of gathering records, taking photographs, models and a complete comprehensive examination and with this information we create a personalized plan

Why did you guys get into Cosmetic Dentistry?

Early on this was an area we wanted to concentrate on because of the happiness and excitement it brought to our patients. The energy level during the process of anti-aging or a smile design is great and the entire experience and outcome becomes very rewarding both for us and our patients.

How do you guys set yourselves apart?

Our personalized approach and personalities. We believe in higher standard of care, We are a team who are dedicated to meeting your needs and exceed your expectations. At Smile Makers LA we aim to provide a completely different experience. In addition to advanced technology, top quality dental materials, we also provide unsurpassed client care and serve as a channel for educating our patients.

We like having fun and we brought that to our office. We have fun working together and our patients see and feel the fun in this office. We offer our patients a different experience to care and improve the quality of their oral health.