Dr. Pasha Hakimzadeh Cosmetic Dentistry Los Angeles

Dr. Pasha

Born of a vision that dentistry should be fun and inviting he is trying to wipe out what people think of the dentist and dental visits and recreate it with what he thinks it should be. He wants his patients to have fun while getting their treatment. It’s his vibe and energy and how he works with the team. It is a systematic, individualized makeover that is planned out and executed by experts from the first picture to the last adjustment

Known for his expertise in anti-aging dentistry and full mouth rejuvenation, Dr. Pasha has a revolutionary approach to designing tailor-made, natural-looking teeth. With an eye for aesthetics, he focuses on creating beautiful and natural smiles that are undetectable as if you were born with them.

Dr. Pasha breaks it down

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The Smile Process

First Visit
First Visit Cosmetic Dentistry Los Angeles

Your first visit will be our esthetic consultation and evaluation to discuss your treatment goals/desires and answer all your questions (Facetime appts are available) . Once we have a good understanding of what esthetics changes you want to make we will create a design for your new smile.

Second Visit
Second Visit Cosmetic Dentistry Los Angeles

The doctor minimally prepares the surfaces of the natural teeth by re-contouring and re-shaping them for the final veneers. A temporary smile is designed and fitted to be worn while the porcelain restorations are fabricated. This gives you the ability to test-drive your new smile.

Third Visit
Third Visit Cosmetic Dentistry Los Angeles

After wearing the temporary smile, you will return for a brief follow up appointment to provide feedback on the look and fit of your veneers and to go over any last minute details. Our master ceramist will take that information and create a new scan before creating your final veneers.

Fourth Visit
Fourth Visit Cosmetic Dentistry Los Angeles

Transforming your smile! your doctor will fit you with your new, permanent veneers. The final porcelain restorations have now been fabricated and ready to be cemented. The doctor removes the temporary smile and permanently cements the porcelain restorations.

It's not what we do,
It's how we do it.

What sets us apart is the environment we create around delivering your best possible dentistry experience. From unprecedented access to our team of world-renowned dentists and master ceramists, whose capabilities are exclusive to Smile Makers LA, to the exquisite attention you receive at each step, everything and everyone you encounter in our care embodies our aesthetic and our artistic vision.

Dedication to
exquisite craftsmanship

Step into our proprietary in-house lab to see the ingredients for excellence.

Real Results

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Come experience the difference

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