Dr. Reyhani

Partner, APA Aesthetics Beverly Hills

As a kid I always hated going to the dentist. I remember staying awake nights before my appointment knowing I would have to see the dentist where I was guaranteed to experience pain and suffering. That all changed when I was a teenager and we ended up changing our family dentist. My experience was completely transformed. All of the sudden the same procedures I dreaded were no longer painful, and I felt like I actually mattered. This experience is what made a kid who grew up hating the dentist decide to become one.

Having given this situation a lot of thought I realized the difference between the two experiences was compassion. To the earlier dentist I was just another patient.   They were not concerned with my feelings, fears or comfort level. The new dentist proved to me my dental experience really mattered to him. Given the advancement of modern medicine we should be able to do all procedures not only with zero discomfort to the patient but also provide patients with a comfortable feeling before, during and after their visit.

This is exactly why I became a dentist. I wanted to be sure my future patients with extreme fear of the dentist would have a place they could enjoy coming to. I know the skills I have acquired in countless hours of post school education in the fields of cosmetic dentistry, implants and laser therapy mean nothing if my patients are not able to feel how much I care for each and every one of them. My goal is to keep patients healthy and looking good for years to come, and this can only happen if they feel good about coming to see me.

Dr. Pasha and I work very hard to ensure Smile Makers LA is this type of office. We set aside extra time during every appointment so we are able to give all of our patients the time they deserve. We set up a state of the art facility with highly qualified staff to ensure our patients get the best work and optimum cosmetics possible.