What Is Occlusal Disease?

If you suffer from occlusal disease, you have an unbalanced bite. The condition is often caused by dental misalignment, jaw tension, damaged teeth, and/or missing teeth. Because force is not even all the way across your dental arch, you will face a higher risk for enamel erosion, fractured teeth, and TMJ Disorder. Although occlusal disease can have serious consequences for your overall health, the condition goes undetected and untreated far too often. At Smile Makers LA, Drs. Ben Reyhani and Pasha Hakimzadeh will work tirelessly to diagnose your condition and choose the optimal treatment for your needs.

What Are the Symptoms of Occlusal Disease?

Because occlusal disease is different for each patient, the symptoms vary widely in each case. The signs of this condition include:

  • Dental sensitivity
  • Jaw pain
  • Jaw tension
  • Chronic headaches
  • Dental erosion
  • Fractured or loosened dental restorations
  • Cracked or chipped teeth
  • Bruxism (chronic tooth grinding and jaw tension)
  • Notches on the bottom of your teeth

How Is Occlusal Disease Diagnosed?

If you suffer from any of the symptoms listed above, you should schedule an occlusal disease evaluation at Smile Makers LA. Dr. Reyhani or Dr. Hakimzadeh will first evaluate your symptoms. Your dentist will take as much time as he needs to thoroughly understand your condition and look for any symptoms that you may not have noticed. Then he will use digital x-rays to examine individual teeth and your entire oral structure. These images can reveal dental damage, as well as widespread misalignment and jaw inflammation. Only after he has a complete understanding of your oral health will your dentist recommend a specific treatment.

How Do You Treat Occlusal Disease at Smile Makers LA?

Occlusal disease can be caused by many different things. Therefore, no two patients’ treatments will be exactly the same. Because bruxism is one of the most common causes of this condition, Dr. Reyhani or Dr. Hakimzadeh may recommend a custom-created mouth guards. These custom-made devices will fit securely around your teeth to prevent them from touching. You will typically only need to wear your mouth guard at night.

If missing or compromised teeth are the root causes of your occlusal disease, your dentist may recommend restorative treatment. Through a variety of procedures, Dr. Reyhani or Dr. Hakimzadeh can repair your teeth and balance out your bite. Common restorative treatments for occlusal disease include crowns, bridges, or dental implants. Invisalign® can also realign your bite to even out the pressure on your dental arch. In severe cases, you may benefit from a full mouth reconstruction. A specialty at Smile Makers LA, reconstruction allows you to mix and match several restorative procedures to meet your individual needs. This treatment can have enormous benefits for your appearance and self-confidence, as well as for your oral health.

Finally, cosmetic treatments can restore the appearance of your compromised teeth. For example, veneers can cover up small cracks or worn edges.