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With over a decade of experience in Aesthetic Dentistry, Dr. Pasha Hakimzadeh and Dr. Ben Reyhani have partnered with Dr. Michael Apa, founder of Apa Aesthetic, to bring quality, luxury, and the prestige that Apa Aesthetic is widely recognized for to Beverly Hills.

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Handmade veneers that are each unique and personalized to complement you.

Anti-Aging Dentistry

As you age, your smile ages too, but with advances in anti-aging dentistry, we can help turn back the clock. We can design and restore a youthful smile from the inside out by placing veneers to support your lips, your cheeks, and add volume to the lower part of your face. This reduces wrinkles and enhances facial aesthetics without requiring surgery.

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The Los Angeles-based duo are founders of 9 dental practices in the Southern California region in addition to being co-owners of the world-renowned aesthetic dentistry practice, Apa Aesthetic Los Angeles in Beverly Hills.

Dr. Pasha Hakimzadeh and Dr. Ben Reyhani Cosmetic Dentistry Los Angeles

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